Pickleball Courts

Dover Coast now has the fastest growing sport in North America: Pickleball. It is a sport played on a surface similar to tennis with a net similar to tennis, a court size similar to badminton, a wiffle ball and paddles similar to ping pong. It’s fast, social and takes about 45 minutes to play a match with 2 people playing 2 others.

Prior to gaining court access, you first must register at the Pro Shop. While playing, be sure to use the rotation board, ensuring everyone gets a chance to play. And finally, be sure to be familiar with the court usage rules.

The courts will be open daily from 8 am until dusk during the active season. Note that courts will be available based upon the hours of operation of the Pro Shop which does fluctuate through the active season.


Pickleball Court

Pickleball Court

Pickleball Court

Pickleball Court Access Use & Etiquette

Please note the courts are private property
Participants must register with Pro Shop prior to gaining court access

  1. Non-marking (no black soles) court shoes must be worn when playing.
  2. Proper Athletic wear must be worn, no jeans
  3. Do not walk behind, beside or on a court when a rally is in progress.
  4. Do not chase balls on to adjacent courts. Call "ball on court" and wait for the ball to be returned.
  5. If you hear "ball on court", stop play, retrieve the ball and return it to the court it came from. Replay your point.
  6. If players are waiting, play one game and let other players take the court.
  7. Waiting players should use chalk board to rotate in when a court is available.
  8. Refrain from using offensive language and always conduct yourself in a respectful manner.
  9. Before serving, call the score and your server number loud enough for your opponents to hear.
  10. Take your turn playing with and helping weaker players. Remember, you too were once a beginner.
  11. Call your opponents faults and lines.
  12. Be a good sport. Shake hands or bump paddles at the end of each game.
  13. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the court area & facilities; please ensure waste is disposed of. Littering will be subject to loss of privileges.
  14. No personal alcohol permitted on Club property, management and staff with smart serve reserves the right to inspect equipment for personal alcohol as governed by the A.G.C.O.
  15. Pro Shop receipts and/or member's tags must be placed on golf bags before play
  16. The management reserves the right to prohibit the use of the club and course facilities for non-compliance of these rules.
  17. The Pro Shop has the absolute authority to revoke the daily playing privileges of anyone violating the Dress Code or Usage/Etiquette guidelines.

Weekly Calendar

Sunday: 8am - close

Monday: 8am - close

Tuesday: 8am - close

Wednesday: 8am - close

Thursday: 8am - close

Friday: 8am - close

Saturday: 8am - close

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