Please take a few minutes to read some kind words shared by those who have visited us here at The Links at Dover Coast.

Starting in 2021, I am taking golf lessons with Andrew, our Golf Pro here at The Links at Dover Coast. I know I’m not alone as I’ve chatted with many other members, from beginner to expert level, who also use Andrew as their coach.

He is an excellent coach, having a great depth of knowledge (and skill!), and the ability to share it. Not everyone is a good teacher, but Andrew’s relaxed and yet professional manner makes him very good at it. Andrew put me at ease from the start and he was able to make suggestions which had an immediate effect on my game. Being a life-long learner, I look forward to more lessons in 2022!


Just to state a formal thank you from the team for all your team's help in putting on our first real host day for the SRC.

Feedback from the participants was excellent in all respects and it is clear that we surprised many in a very positive way what there is here both at the Links and Dover Coast generally - even given the constraints from the Council impositions.

Your team was very supportive and helpful in all respects, so please give them our sincere thanks. From the positive course conditions (especially given all the rain) and challenging pin positions ( the difficulty of the greens had more than one commentary) - thanks go to Rick and his team; to the all the help received from Donna and Andrew and the Pro shop group in making sure the "devil was not in the detail" and especially to Andrew who did an excellent job introducing everyone at the first tee send off and finally to your Davids team who delivered the food right on queue and with quality that received so many good comments. And to you of course for your unwavering support.

A great all round team effort and thanks to all our players. I really think we will be establishing ourselves here as a credible competitive team in the Senior Ryder Cup and a club to be enjoyed visiting and playing against.


The course is coming along beautifully. The full 9 holes are maturing and playing great. If you like big greens and linksgolf, this course is soon going to be hard to beat.


I want to let you know how much I appreciated Jamie going above and beyond the call of duty for me today on The Links.

First, he saw that I was running behind for my tee time so he took my card and brought it to the office to get me set up with my foursome on time. Little did I know that I would see him again twice more. He returned my card to the first green and fished out 6 errant balls from the pond for the ladies to use. How thoughtful of him!

Then of course the 8th hole "cart in the pond caper". He was there in record time, took off his shoes and socks and waded into the muck waste deep to rescue my cart. We made it into the driveway before my foursome ladies. Also a ride right up to our house on Schooner.

He is worth his weight in gold.

I do have a small gift for him for his kindness and will bring it to the golf office tomorrow.

I just wanted to let you know that we ordered the mixed league couples dinner last night--beef skewers and perch--and it was absolutely delicious. It was delivered on time and the portion size was generous along with rhubarb cheesecake.

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