Please take a few minutes to read some kind words shared by those who have visited us here at David's Restaurant.

Good for you!

I live across from David's, and often see the " back door" operations....

Your staff must have great leadership, and love their jobs! They are so sincerely collegial with each other, that it is heart warming to hear how they greet each other, and say shift change good byes.

I always loved that in Cuba...when they, in the European style, greeted colleagues with kisses... I have never seen it in North America, but love it! Keep up the good work! Everyone loves going to David's, but you and your staff deserve kudos for how they treat each other!

A Day to Remember

Hi Mark,

We want to express our sincere appreciation and congratulate you, Erika, and all the staff at David’s for helping us give our “Amsterdammers” a day to remember last Sunday. The compliments have been coming in all week.

The food was amazing and the service was exceptional. The antipasto platter was a sight to behold and considerable dent was made to it. Hope you and Erika enjoyed your cannoli.

Thank you so much once again, Mark, for going above and beyond for us.

V & D

It's Saturday Night!

It’s Saturday night and we’re going out to dinner
So what, you may say, so tell me what’s the big deal
The big deal is, we are heading to David’s in Port Dover
Okay you say, I guess i’ve heard about it, is it a big deal

Please just allow me to say one thing, just one thing
If you have to ask it seems you don’t dine often enough
Not talking about pizza, or burger places, they’re fine
But your poor palette will say enough, that’s enough

So listen to this advice I give freely and take it to heart
Step up from your usual cuisine and you will surely find
That dining out is much different then going out for a bite
And then you’ll come and say to me, thank you, what a find

Written by Joyce Bader

David's Restaurant


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